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APPEAL: Our livestream workshop at Allied Media Conference

Former members of Global Revolution and Occupy Pittsburgh's livestream teams are heading to Detroit for the Allied Media Conference on June 28th-July 1st, 2012, to teach DIY LIVESTREAM REVOLUTION, a four part workshop introducing the history of livestreaming, showing people how to set up a variety of livestream options on both computers and smart phones, a live demonstration of multi-screen broadcasting, and a discussion about livestream possibilities, uses, and ethics.

The AMC Livestream Workshop Pittsburgh Team requests your support for team travel expenses, and a few small equipment purchases. Your generous donations will help us train another generation of independent journalists in one of the cutting edge citizen media formats.

The AMC Livestream Workshop Pittsburgh Team consists of Nigel Parry or @flyingmonkeyair on Twitter and Don Carpenter @nunyaman on Twitter.

Donate here:

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