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Leaked Los Angeles police documents: Radical Islamic Tattoos

On June 23rd, 2011, a relatively new hacker group called Lulz Security, released a 450MB public torrent containing raw documents from Arizona law enforcement. The documents included internal e-mails, training manuals, classified FBI reports, and a variety of other confidential materials.

For sure you will be hearing much more about the contents of the leak but one early document I thought worth noting, is a 15-page PDF (below) titled "Radical Islamist Tattoos" by Deputy John Williams of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department.

It is important to note that tattoos are discouraged in Islam, so these tattoos would most likely lead law enforcement down a very misleading path. And certainly not a path that ends at any of Deputy John Williams' militant Islamists under our beds.

The confused nature of some of the "Islamic" tattoo designs, content and messaging suggests that the photos primarily depict people bearing gang-appropriated Islamic symbols or new convert tattoo art. Just because someone converts to Islam does not mean they are a jihadist.

The good deputy has produced a racial profiling guide that will additionally flag—as potential terrorists—inner city youth of color who are already disproportionately targeted by law enforcement.

(Source of original image)

Game over. It's all over the Interwebs.

"Report any sighting" of "a radical Islamic tattoo" to "your local Terrorism Liaison Offiver (TLO) and Joint Regional Intelligence Center". And for your Moment of Zen: "As you would suspect, the true meaning of each tattoo rests entirely with the wearer alone." And with free tautology.

The names of these groups do not seem to be known external militant groups. It is possible they could be prison groups. "Lone Wolfs" or "Lone Wolves"?

Watch out for tattoos showing Muslims praying or reading the Qu'ran.

The "radical Christian tattoo" on the right, with the scary Arabic words "Belief" and "Unity" helpfully translated.

Hamas is a Palestinian group. Its crossed swords symbol is differently oriented. The photo is of Baghdad's Victory Arch, based on a concept sketch made by president Saddam Hussein. The sculpture commemorates the Iran Iraq war. The top right tattoo of "Hezb Allah" is on top of a tattoo of Africa. Not Hamasland.

"What have the Romans ever done for us?" The new threat: Latin-speaking Islamic terrorists.

"Taqiyya" is a Shia concept giving dispensation to conceal your beliefs under threat. It is not something that any Shia would be proud of, or write on their arm. If the image is of Bin Laden (picture under the word), he is Sunni. The tattoo design is therefore very confused. This looks like a new convert who doesn't grasp much about the faith yet. On the left, the word "Rasul" (translated "prophet"), would suggest this is an image of the Prophet Mohammed, which is prohibited in Islam.

"Stacy"? This slide will help you spot radical Stacy lovers.

School Of the Americas maybe?

I wonder what terrorist piercings look like?

With 1 in 100 Americans in jail, the highest incarceration rate in the world, you better hope that there's radicalization happening. Surely we can't all be asleep?

Meanwhile, LulzBoat has a new theme song...

im the defacto leader of a movement
screaming "hack the planet" back in 99
hacktivism in its prime globalHell had the .mil rooted
alphabet soup and their troops in the suits kid
kicking down doors and seizing my equipment
blocking all my shipments sitting on their hitlist
0day radical emphatic beat addict
and that stab hit i envelope the game call me rabbit

hop to hop i run the internet equivocally
bitch i be hit em with the bytestyle symmetry
digi g digital gangster repping till im dead
steady grep apache logs when im looking for the feds
fast forward now the internet anonymous
and captains of the lulzboat raise the mast prominent
dominant hacks - antisec on that new new
dropping tables in mysql like it was some poo poo

pound antisec - pounding through your speakers
pound antisec - pound it to the bleachers
pound antisec - if youre sitting below deck
in the lulzboat salute bitch and show some respect

lulzsec bitch they fold ya hacked sony
got that md5 we rocked ya macaroni
cook coke crack then boil like a noodle
while hbgary stay toast like a streudel
rootshell on ya bootstrap - now whos that?
botnet mjoin and drop your whole c class
see class? it is evident we flossing
ion cannon in the proc list ddossing

lean back bitch we be sending an injection
magic quotes off JOIN TABLE intersection
put it up on pastebin it wont get erased then
20 million hits to your dome like some cavemen
ask cnn - you want a interview?
send a PRIVMSG to the nickname sabu
on irc - man we convening
this some 99 throwback shit that im screaming

—lyrics to "#antisec" by YTCRACKER,

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